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ETHER PRICE ACTION25.1.2021 16:45


Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD


ETHUSD25.1.2021 15:14

Ethereum update #425.1.2021 14:49

Ethereum update #4

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

Ethereum just broke it’s record. It’s chilling out at its shelf right now. $1,400-$1,420. “Last chance for cheap Ethereum”- BitBoy.

ETHUSDT25.1.2021 13:33


Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

according to cup and handle pattern ,ETH will be at high prices in a few months later.
so the next target can be 2500 $

Ethereum Buy a break setup.25.1.2021 13:10

Ethereum Buy a break setup.

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

Ethereum - Intraday - We look to Buy a break of 1484 (stop at 1414)

Price action resulted in a new all-time high at 1475.
A break of 1475 is needed to confirm follow through bullish momentum.
Daily signals are bullish .
We look for gains to be extended today.
We can see no technical reason for a change of trend.
Short term RSI has turned positive.

Our profit targets will be 1694 and 1784

Resistance: 1475 / 1600 / 1700
Support: 1380 / 1300 / 1220

Ethereum New Highs!! Where are the Buying Opportunities??25.1.2021 12:51

Ethereum New Highs!! Where are the Buying Opportunities??

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

Ethereum made new highs then swiftly retreated. It is a bit extended right now, having crossed $1035 to $1430 since Thursday. We can anticipate further resistance at highs, and perhaps for a consolidation pattern to form (such as a bull wedge or flag) before another breakout. We could see up to a 50% retracement of this month's range, which would bring us to $1172. We would see support from some levels in between at $1320, and $1233 in between. We could dip all the way down to $913 and still be considered bullish . The Kovach OBV and Chande are both really strong, so it is highly likely the pendulum will swing back and we will see a retracement. Long term we are very bullish of ETH.

ethereum waiting for a break above25.1.2021 12:34

ethereum waiting for a break above

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

a new higher high looks to be in the making.
its in the strong resistance area but it looks bullish and might break through

ETHUSD has started an uptrend25.1.2021 12:28

ETHUSD has started an uptrend

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

ETHUSD has started a new up trend in the channel after completing ABC correction. Possible targets are shown in the chart based on EXT FIBO RETRACEMENT.

$ETH/USD, How much will it rise?25.1.2021 12:17

$ETH/USD, How much will it rise?

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

ETH soars again today! We have updated the highest price ever.

ETH has had a large volume recently and has continued to be technically stable.
In addition, CME futures will start on February 8, and Defi demand will be added to balance the supply and demand of the market.

If you set a new record high, you will not be able to draw a horizontal line from the past chart, and you should check the parallel channels.

Since the beginning of 2021, prices have been moving in parallel channels rising at the daily level.
After passing around $1,400, which is the current price range, it goes from $1,600 to around $ 1,700 at once.
You can see the possibility of rising.
BTC has also risen very quickly since it broke below $ 20,000.

On the other hand, volatility will also increase. With split entry so that you can take the rise from here firmly. It is a market price that you want to be aggressive.

ETHUSD 4H SELL25.1.2021 11:56


Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD


Ethereum is ready to go higher25.1.2021 10:54

Ethereum is ready to go higher

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

Ethereum is ready to go higher due to the fact that price broke resistance zone and now testing it as support zone , price can make new uptrend later and go up to new resistance level .

Timing the upcoming Ethereum crash25.1.2021 09:58

Timing the upcoming Ethereum crash

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

As charted. No explanation.

Target $550-600, March - April 2020.

ETHEREUM Will Fall From RESISTANCE! SELL!25.1.2021 09:48


Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

Hello, Traders!
retested the resistance of the channel
And is now looking bearish and ripe for a short
With a potential to retest the rising support
Therefore there are 3 targets on the chart!
Like, comment and subscribe to boost your trading!

See other ideas below too!

ETH Long Prediction25.1.2021 09:01

ETH Long Prediction

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

I expect another peak at 1500 before a steep correction to 1350. Thoughts?

1795 in monthly chart,but WHERE TO BUY ?!25.1.2021 08:46

1795 in monthly chart,but WHERE TO BUY ?!

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

ETH/USDT : 1.273 butterfly in MONTHLY CHART = 1795 . wait for 0.618 pullback(in 4hr time frame) and buy.

ETHUSD25.1.2021 08:13

ETHUSD ❗ Price Go DOWN To Support LINE📉25.1.2021 08:09

ETHUSD ❗ Price Go DOWN To Support LINE📉

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

As we can see, last week's price followed my signal. The price was able to move upward and reach the resistance level .

The price was able to reach the resistance line that originates in January 2021 and break the resistance level . Note that the price started to come back down. In today's idea, the main role is played by the resistance line and the support line. Both of these lines start in January 2021.

Today I expect the price to continue its rapid decline. I think the price will reach the support line. As we can see, the price has recently bounced off the resistance line and does not leave it. I think the price will do the same today.📉

Do you agree?)

Your Solldy.

Warning: Ethereum about to crash! Explained with Trader_ph25.1.2021 07:49

Warning: Ethereum about to crash! Explained with Trader_ph

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

Hello traders! Today I will analyze Ethereum /USD with detailed technical Analysis , as why the bear dump is coming. Be sure to like and follow my TradingView for more detailed technical analysis posts.

Here is my analysis for Ethereum:

1. Price touched channel's resistance and can't get past through( bearish )
The upper part of the channel acts as a strong resistance. The bulls were unable to break it with the large presence of the bears. This trendline also called 2 peaks, or tops. According to this evidence, this gives us some confidence to call a top.

2. After A peak, price dives all the way to channel support( bearish )
In previous pullbacks, after touching the upper channel, price dives all the way to channel support(green in chart). Based on history, the big plunge is coming. We have a possible dive to $1.1k, just after hitting an ATH .

3. ETH/USD beats BTC /USD in performance( bullish , but somehow bearish )
Usually, When Bitcoin goes down, Eth goes down too. But Eth went up, and Bitcoin plunged. There is a strong bull presence in the breakout of the symmetric triangle, as discussed in the next lines in this post. This is confirmation of a bear dump for Eth happening.

4. Symmetric Triangle Breakout just a repeat of history( bearish )
A breakout in the symmetric triangle to the upside would usually mean a fresh uptrend. But in the current Ethereum situation, it actually signals the end of the uptrend. Looking back at the triangles before the 2 pullbacks, they also seem bullish at first. So looking at that, the triangle is just the last dance of the bull ride.

5. Effective Divergence Indicator gives divergence from last peak( bearish )
The EffDi indicator that I have invented gives a divergence from the last peak to the current peak. This is an early warning we need to take into account. We should not buy the top.

6. Additionally, a Bearish Engulfing appears( bearish )
A Bearish Engulfing pattern, which is candlestick pattern, gives an additional support of the top being an actual top. Sorry if it is not visible in the chart, feel free to zoom in.

7.If the Moving Average Channel is broken we can confirm a bear run(confirmation awaiting)
In the previous pullbacks, the price broke the MA channel with ease. If the channel gets broken, we have a confirmation of a bear dump happening.

8. Fibonacci Resistance 1.272 acts as solid Resistance( bearish )
The Fib 1.272 acts as a solid resistance. It restricted price form going further. This is an additional sign of the top being valid.

9. Dump to 1.1k likely( bearish forecast)
This a forecast. We may witness a dump all the way to 1.1k, where a Fib 0.5 line and the bottom channel resides. It seems likely, taking into account of the previous dumps.

This are very bearish factors that we must take note. They navigate where Ethereum /USD will head to.

Thank you for reading this technical analysis . I put alot of work in this analysis. Please hit that like and follow button! Cheers!

Eth 25.1.2021 07:41


Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

1355 and 1200 are times to buy ! also 1500 and 1700 are times to sell !

ETH Potential25.1.2021 07:36

ETH Potential

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

After breaking 1445 the price will increase, then it will experience a pullback and again rise.

Ethereum At $9000/$10,000? ... Wait! Read It First!25.1.2021 07:05

Ethereum At $9000/$10,000? ... Wait! Read It First!

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

Let's look at the monthly chart for ETHUSD ( Ethereum ).

Before we even start, let me make it clear and point out that we are looking at the monthly timeframe , so we need to wait for this candle to close for confirmation of anything that you will read below.

A candle close above $1450 this month puts this analysis on PLAY (ON!).

This month ETHUSD presents the highest volume since its inception on BitStamp ; a bullish signal.

The RSI is off the chart, mega-strong and the MACD is looking pretty good but with room available for additional growth... Everything looks good so far.

Now, Bitcoin went 10X+ from its 2020 low... Something like a ~$3500 low to later hit a $42,000 high... Yeah I know, Bitcoin at $5,000 is impossible (these were the skeptics back in early 2017... 😁 We WIN!... Let's continue).

Ethereum ( ETHUSD ) is barely trading above its All-Time High ( ATH ).

Ethereum is the #1 Altcoin, something like the Second (2nd) Bitcoin .

If you calculate 10X+ on Ethereum from its March 2020 low we are talking about Ethereum hitting $9,000 to $10,000 or more... I know this is a lot but we are just looking at some numbers for ETHUSD compared to BTCUSD .

I know based on past history that the smaller altcoins (all altcoins minus the TOP10/20) will do 30X-50X their ATL on the next bull run... Thinking that ETH is the #1 Altcoin, we can even consider 15X or even 20X since Bitcoin already did 10X and Bitcoin is the KING... The Big Boss!

I know... Just some food for thoughts...

Thanks a lot for your support.


ETH Refueling. Moon OTW!25.1.2021 03:54

ETH Refueling. Moon OTW!

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

After tonight's exhilarating events, and a new ATH reached for ETH/USD, It's finally hit a formidable resistance.

We're entering our 5th and final wave for our brewing Elliot Wave , while ETH is cooling off and establishing a support zone around our 1420 range.
We were met with a heavy resistance at 1470, and are currently in a short descending wedge pattern.

ETH has been attempting to break from it's descent but has since lost steam from our FOMO buy earlier in the evening, which was to be expected.
Once we see ETH break it's descending pattern-- likely within the hour, we can expect around a 1500 support to be formed, and yet another ATH of 1550+.

All things considered, we've seen this crypto preform astronomically, and with our February 8th BlackRock ETH Futures release, I have no doubts we're
capable of seeing ETH skyrocket to a minimum of 3500 for a baseline.

Keep an eye out for the break in the wedge , that's your last chance to buy before we go, yet again, sky high!

Happy trading!

Update 25.1.2021 02:17


Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

TP 1 and 2 both smashed. I’ll update later, but for now I feel between the zones consolidation will happen.Like, comment, and follow for more ideas!

ETH following a wide channel to 160025.1.2021 02:10

ETH following a wide channel to 1600

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

My first time using the pitchfork tool.

ETHUSD25.1.2021 01:48


Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

next area of resistance on 1,61 fibo?

Ethereum on the road to usd2000? 25.1.2021 00:58

Ethereum on the road to usd2000?

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

Ethereum is still bullish on all timeframes despite the Btc selloff, and has the chance to outperform Bitcoin this year!

Please leave me a message if you want to test the buy and sell indicators that i am using.

ETH IS 🔥 While BTC is 😞25.1.2021 00:51

ETH IS 🔥 While BTC is 😞

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

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If you like my analysis:)

Trade Safe - Trade Well

Michael Harding 😎 Chief Technical Strategist @ LEFTURN Inc.

Information and opinions contained with this post are for educational purposes and do not constitute trading recommendations. Trading Forex on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest in Forex you should consider your knowledge, investment objectives, and your risk appetite. Only trade/invest with funds you can afford to lose.

ETH 15% Profit Target on Updated Wave Count!25.1.2021 00:46

ETH 15% Profit Target on Updated Wave Count!

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

Hey all, I was tracking a ZigZag looking for Wave C Down with a target below 1,000.00.

With the weekly close this week turning bullish , and the price action invalidating that wave count we are now ENTERING a long BITSTAMP:ETHUSD new trade with a profit target at 1,600 as we now have bullish weekly momentum, daily momentum and a new daily entry signal all in agreement with our new wave count!

To clarify, we did not lose any money on a short with the zigzag as our indicators were never in alignment.

Ethereum Update #324.1.2021 23:04

Ethereum Update #3

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

Ethereum has been riding the top of its bb for a few hours now. It’s at its point and it’s clear that Ethereum wants to spring up. Anything under $1,350 is a good buy in. I’m expecting $1,400 mark by the end of the night. Feedback needed.

ETH new ATH on the Horizon24.1.2021 22:09

ETH new ATH on the Horizon

Ethereum / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:ETHUSD

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD Last night we successfully pierced our 786 fib, and then followed BTCUSD's correction down to a healthy level before our 1320 support held and catapulted us back upwards, headed for a re-test soon.
We're likely to see ETH split from its big brother BTC more and more over the coming days, as BTC is losing market dominance before our eyes.
This alongside our ETH 2nd generation, and ETH Futures coming in February, we can confidently predict a retest of our ATH within a day or two.

TP $1700 01 /24/21
TP $2000 02/02/21


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