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Long potential25.1.2021 22:02

Long potential

60 pip target potential. Price is in a Range. It Bounced off support. Double Bottom "W" formation. Looking to go long.

AUDCHF LONG25.1.2021 15:26


AUDCHF is on an uptrend this week, this is the previous entry on a 30 minute timeframe.

AUDCHF - SWING - 25. JANU. 202125.1.2021 14:02

AUDCHF - SWING - 25. JANU. 2021

Welcome to our weekly trade setup ( AUDCHF )!


Bullish price action and pressure.

Sideways market structure about to push to previous highs.

Good long entries following mid term trend.


ENTRY LEVEL @ 0.68550
SL @ 0.68230
TP @ 0.69000
Max Risk: 0.5% - 1%!
(Remember to add a few pips to all levels - different Brokers!)

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Have a great week everyone!


AUDCHF:Reversal25.1.2021 12:58


the pair recently broke structure forming reversal on 4H DAILY....expected drop after inital retests

AUDCHF 25.1.2021 12:25




AUDCHF Long 0.687825.1.2021 10:06

AUDCHF Long 0.6878

AUD/CHF was up 2.61% to 0.7072 late Friday, having recovered from the lows of 0.6072 struck in the previous session.
The Australian dollar edged higher against its U.S. counterpart on Friday, as investors digested a mixed bag of U.S. data.

AUD-CHF Breakout, Will Fall, Sell!25.1.2021 09:10

AUD-CHF Breakout, Will Fall, Sell!

is trading in an uptrend
But the pair broke out of the rising channel
And we are now seeing a pullback to retest the broken trendline
I think the pair will fall in a correction move

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AudChf double bottom25.1.2021 07:15

AudChf double bottom

Failed breakout to price respecting previous support level looking for buys till the resistance level

AUDCHF: Important Breakout & Reversal25.1.2021 06:50

AUDCHF: Important Breakout & Reversal

It looks like AUDCHF is preparing for a major reversal:
the price has formed a lower high on a daily and then broke below a support line of a major rising channel .

Now we see the attempt of bulls to retest the broken structure.
Bearish impulse may start there.

Potential goals: 0.677 / 0.672

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AUDCHF PROFITS24.1.2021 16:49


Make sure you don't miss out on profit

AUDCHF: Possible intraday trade for tomorrow24.1.2021 16:42

AUDCHF: Possible intraday trade for tomorrow

Hi Traders,

This is our view on this cross for the next few days.

SELL 0.6865
SL 0.69
TP 0.68

We remind you that this is only a forecast based on what current data are.
Therefore the following signal will be activated only if the rules of our strategy are strictly respected.
Eventually, any updates will be given in the comment section below

AUDCHF | Perspective for the new week24.1.2021 15:02

AUDCHF | Perspective for the new week

Even though we are generally in an uptrend, there are shreds of evidence that Buyers might have lost the steam that brought them this far as we await significant breakdown of neckline @ Fr0.68250 for confirmations that support Bearish bias.

Tendency: Downtrend ( Bearish )
Structure: Reversal Pattern ( Double TOp ) | Trendline
Observation: i. Uptrend: Line drawn under pivot lows explains the prevailing direction of price.
ii. Price is currently @ Fr0.68250 which has been a strong demand zone since the beginning of the year 2021.
iii. Evidence that supports my Bearish dimension is the double rejection of the major Support/Resistance level on Weekly chart @ Fr0.69130 which makes a Double Top - a strong Reversal pattern.
iv. As the Reversal pattern is on the verge of completion, it appears price is at a temporary end of a Bullish run and we have to be very careful as a Breakdown of neckline followed by retest/rejection might be the appropriate signal to sell in this instance.
v. We should not forget that the Neckline has been a strong Demand zone in the past and this could attract a handful presence of Buyers before the decline begins. It is worthy to note that if we observe any significant Bull run from the neckline, we might be looking in the direction of a rally... Hence, trade consciously!
Trading plan: SELL confirmation with a minimum potential profit of 250 pips.
Risk/Reward: 1:5
Potential Duration: 3 to 8 days

NB: This speculation can be considered to make decisions on lower timeframes.

Watch this space for updates as price action is been monitored.

Risk Disclaimer:
Margin trading in the foreign exchange market (including foreign exchange trading, CFDs, etc.) has a high risk and is not suitable for all investors. The content of this speculation (including all data) is organized and published by me for the sole purpose of education and assistance in making independent investment decisions. All information herein is for your reference only and I take no responsibility.
You are hereby advised to carefully consider your investment experience, financial situation, investment objective, risk tolerance level, and consult your independent financial adviser as to the suitability of your situation prior to making any investment.
I do not guarantee its accuracy and is not liable for any loss or damage which may result directly or indirectly from such content or the receipt of any instruction or notification therewith.
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

short AUDCHF24.1.2021 01:52

AUDCHF Sell22.1.2021 13:45


AUDCHF is a sell from breakout.

Personal Trading Journal - AUDCHF22.1.2021 11:36

Personal Trading Journal - AUDCHF

Here is my personal trade that i took earlier on today.
Won over +33pips

AUDCHF masive SHORT22.1.2021 06:30


AUD is extremely weak. Although AUDCHF bounces from his daily support zone , we see that it is not strong. In order to do this, I would like to remind you that you need to break the axis of the axis that I have mentioned in the layout. Roc has been used as an additional confirmation. It shows a clear price fluctuation and we can conclude that the current rate of -0.68 is not conducive to a resurgence of the trend

AUDCHF Long22.1.2021 03:23


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AUDCHF SELL NOW 22.1.2021 01:47



AUDCHF SELL!!!22.1.2021 00:20


SELL AUDCHF!! Buy risk off!

AUDCHF ANALYSIS21.1.2021 16:41



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AUDCHF - Bullish Bias21.1.2021 16:11

AUDCHF - Bullish Bias

1️⃣ Global risk-trends resumed after a smooth inauguration ceremony for US president Joe Biden , who has proposed that he will spend $1.9 trillion in a bid to help revive businesses that have suffered under lockdowns in order to limit the spread of the virus.
2️⃣ The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell to 6.6% in December, the lowest jobless rate since April, as the economy emerged gradually from the COVID-19 shocks.

1️⃣ The positive risk tone weighing on the safe-havens CHF.


We are buying the AUDCHF on RBS + above SMA 50 on the H1 chart.

AUDCHF21.1.2021 15:55

Audjpy21.1.2021 13:36


Waiting for price to break the neckline

audchf short21.1.2021 08:49

audchf short

should be seeing a nice push down

audchf21.1.2021 05:46

AUDCHF H4 - LONG21.1.2021 03:28


Double bottom formation onto a support area , made a bullish impulse move towards the upside, breaking the double bottom neckline. With this setup, we are able to look for a LONG position if we get a pullback onto previous structure.

Plan your trade and trade your plan. Do not rush to catch the bullish move because more often than not, prices will pullback for a continuation move.




I'm bullish for AUDCHF , but i want to BUY LOW

I want to buy AUDCHF , IF and ONLY IF, I have a pullback

So, this is my plan

I will;
BUY AUDCHF somewhere at Green Box
SL below 0.68415 - 0.68474
Final TP at 0.69320 (Blue Box)

Manage this trade with your trading style, maybe you want to;
1. Close your position early (at 1R, 2R or any profit level)
2. Move your SL to break even
3. Scale out
4. Trailing stop
5. Re-entry if bullish structure still valid
6. etc

This plan valid until this Friday, if not I will Cancel

No Profit Guarantee, Good Luck!

AUDCHF Short Opportunity - 20/1/202120.1.2021 20:21

AUDCHF Short Opportunity - 20/1/2021

as you can see we are in an uptrend. Price started to consolidate near to its resistance level and formed Head & Shoulders pattern. I expect price to break its trendline and move to the downside. I would enter position after bearish candlestick closure below support level (aggressive) or after break + retest (conservative).
From fundamental perspective, investors are more into CHF as a safe-heaven during these hard times.

Thank you and have a nice day !


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