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AUDUSD consolidation 25.1.2021 17:22

AUDUSD consolidation

Looks like AUDUSD will be making the same week consolidation move until we get a clear breakout of four level structure

AUDUSD25.1.2021 16:32


It will be valid if the H4 candle closes below the zone, if it doesn't will take a retest from H1 time frame and execute on the 15 minute time

AUD/USD - Bearish Prediction25.1.2021 16:32

AUD/USD - Bearish Prediction


NOTE: This my ever first post on TradingView, I'm quite a beginner on this so hope I can still bring some value to the table!

This a Bearish Prediction of the AUD/USD so let me break it down.
Price has been on a BIG rally race these past weeks going Bullish but it stopped at around 0.78200 which
is also a Major Key Level.

From there, price has been reversing a bit in the market creating a Bearish Market Sign, The Double Top.
It started continuously creating Lower Highs showing stronger selling side bringing the Price down.
Because of recent Price Action, a Resistence was created which it previously broke and is going down-hill right now.
It also created a Trendline which as you can see price has respected.

Because of such recent falls from AUD/USD I think price will stop falling and start going up.
From there, I can think of two possibilities that might happen:

1. Because of the Trendline that price has earlier respected, I think it will do this here as well
and not be able to break through that because of heavier Resistence there. Instead I think that
it will fall from there and if it does that, then that's gonna be my entry.

2. Price can also go up from here, and it can break that Trendline continue Bullish .
And if that happens, then we are looking for other opportunities to buy.

Since Biden's Installation, he has brought down U.S Economy. Because he wants to increase
the U.S Stimilus Check from $600 ---> $2000, I think that can bring down the U.S Economy
heavily therefor, bringing the U.S Dollar down in price. This including lowering AUD/USD.

Quick tip:

Price always consolidates after a big up/down-trend, so wait what the price will do once it has reached the Trendline
I was talking about earlier. Wait to see if Price gets rejected there, or if it hits through, have the amount of patience
it takes to make the right decision.

Thanks for reading,
& good luck with your trading!

SHORT AUDUSD25.1.2021 16:17


STOP: 0.771047
TAKEPROFIT : 0.76380

AUDUSD - Week 425.1.2021 16:14

AUDUSD - Week 4

Trade with care.

Disclaimer: The analysis provided is purely informative and it should not be used as financial advice. We do not recommend making hurried trading decisions. You should always understand the risk that trading implies and that PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS.




Next move for AUDUSD seems bullish25.1.2021 15:47

Next move for AUDUSD seems bullish

The continuation of the uptrend is what I can foresee for AUDUSD .
So yes, it may be long for a looong time ;)

Wishing you a happy Monday in advance

BUY BUY BUY AUDUSD 25.1.2021 15:26


best time to buy audusd
the aud is very strong , the big players bought huge amounts.
and the usd is still wekk the price will rise strongly

AUD/USD - Potential Buy at Reentry MHV H125.1.2021 14:58

AUD/USD - Potential Buy at Reentry MHV H1

Technical analysis based on Basic BBMA strategies ( Bollinger Band and Moving Average) . This is just a prediction where the market go. TAYOR.

Buy Setup
Entry point: Reentry MHV at 0.77085
Cutloss : When CS able to close and break LOW BB as Momentum Sell. Make sure to wait for candle close before exit the market

AUD/USD 25.1.2021 14:52


All Indicators looking south, sign of AUD run taking a breather, AUD/USD now testing TL, a break of this TL will open to next key swing area 0.7670.

Key resistance area to challege now 0.7770. We are reman bullish long AUD/USD with 0.7870 target.

AUDUSD25.1.2021 14:31


Short idea for au

AUDUSD - Short Trade and many other USD Trades25.1.2021 12:54

AUDUSD - Short Trade and many other USD Trades

Hello all

DuncanForex here with a trade idea - with no advertising about anything so the post will stay active.

I expect USD to gain strength in the coming weeks - please see this link below to many trade ideas.

Stay safe and safe trading


Long AUD/USD25.1.2021 12:06


Hello traders , this is a 1:6.5 RR Trade
if you like the idea please follow me and support me
hope you having a great trading journey :D

AUDUSD 4H BUY 25.1.2021 12:03

Near Term Long Setup25.1.2021 11:08

Near Term Long Setup

Higher lows with price bouncing from the Weekly Pivot . Decent long setup with Risk:Reward of 1:3.6

Target is the Weekly R1 @ 0.777 with a stop @ 0.770

Audusd25.1.2021 10:15


Little bullishd time

audusd25.1.2021 10:15

Australian breach 25.1.2021 10:05

Australian breach

Australian breach cause currency down for the market,

consolidation phase25.1.2021 09:41

consolidation phase

AUDUSD is trading in a consolidation mode, it is likely that there will be a bearish impulse towards the 38.2% fibonacci and then the 50% which represents an important supportive structure. The price has broken a strong ascending trendline and this should provoke a bearish move ( probably this week given the fact that on Wednesday there will be the FED meeting).
Pay attention to eventual bulllish moves, if price makes new highs this week and closes above the prevous one close your position in loss.
Enjoy your trading!
contact me if you want to join my trading group

AUDUSD on the 1H time-frame25.1.2021 09:38

AUDUSD on the 1H time-frame

AUDUSD on the 1H time-frame.
1. The price still running an uptrend if it can breakout the previous high at 0.77837
2. If the price create the lower high and breakout the previous low at 0.76585 then will be a reversal pattern of downtrend.
3. Keep waiting for take action.

AU25.1.2021 08:36


Price did not create a higher high last week during the 21st, most probably will pullback to last weeks lows of 0.76587. If price breaks the support of 0.77335, expect price to have a pullback to the support of 0.77018 or lower

AUD/USD short PREDICTION25.1.2021 08:31


THIS 15 trend line was broken and was retested perfectly and retesting broken support now resistance. full play out will be at the first trend line wick.

AUDUSD getting ready for an uptrend25.1.2021 08:25

AUDUSD getting ready for an uptrend

Based on the chart, a major resistance area is broken and a pull back on the support ( which previously act as resistance) is about to happening right now. If a we notice a weakness on sellers, then and uptrend would be highly possible and a good risk/reward ratio.
Note: As always please take risk management rules into consideration before opening any position on the market.
Good luck!

AUDUSD is approaching support, potential bounce | 25 Jan 202125.1.2021 08:20

AUDUSD is approaching support, potential bounce | 25 Jan 2021

Price is approaching support where we could see a bounce here.

AUDUSD is approaching support, potential bounce | 25 Jan 202125.1.2021 08:20

AUDUSD is approaching support, potential bounce | 25 Jan 2021

Price is approaching support where we could see a bounce here.

AUDUSD - EW analysis - 5th wave in progress then down25.1.2021 08:05

AUDUSD - EW analysis - 5th wave in progress then down

AUDUSD - It is in 5th subwave of 5th wave in 2 hr time frame, which might be diagonal or regular impulse. Once it is finished it will correct down the whole up move in 4 hr time frame. So expecting down cycle up to 0.72-0.68 zone.

Give thumbs up if you really like the trade idea/analysis.

AUD/USD SELL IDEA25.1.2021 07:03


Looking Sell with 3rd touch

AUDUSD: short term buy25.1.2021 06:10

AUDUSD: short term buy

the pair has developed a consistent bullish flag pattern on the 4H daily chart .....position for short term buy may present itself

AUD/USD25.1.2021 05:41


Watch the key levels support and resistance for entry and exit. Just my idea

AUDUSD - short + entry 25.1.2021 04:19

AUDUSD - short + entry

If it goes my way.
I drew an entry point on the chart.
I wish everyone profits and a good trading week.

Push like if you think this is a useful idea!
Before to trade my ideas make your own analysis.
Thanks for your support!


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