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EUR/CHF SHORT 25.1.2021 21:45


On this Pair we are at the 5th wave which should have the market melt down to the next Daily support level . The environment is still bullish for the moment on a 4H timeframe so we need to wait for the market to break the previous resistance turned support and then we can look for an opportunity in shorting the market on the retest of that level with a good R/R of 1/3.60.

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EURCHF H1 - SHORT25.1.2021 13:29


Rejections can be seen at our resistance area , failing to break through and eventually forming multiple tops. Our entry criteria here, would be to wait for a strong bearish breakdown move followed by a pullback or retracement towards a minor resistance level to consider taking a SHORT position.

Plan your trade, trade your plan. Do NOT let your emotions rule your trades.

EUR/CHF BUY25.1.2021 07:19



Long opportunity in EUR/CHF25.1.2021 06:59

Long opportunity in EUR/CHF

1) Weekly & daily trend is up
2) Bullish OB
3) Small stop for a big reward.

Kindly trade at your own risk.
Good Luck ^_^

first shared trade25.1.2021 03:45

first shared trade

discretionary trade taken off multi time frame support and resistance

EURCHF: The price is very CLOSE to its WEEKLY DYNAMIC TRENDLINE24.1.2021 23:24


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🟢Forex Pair:

Technical Analysis:
In the weekly time frame, since May 2020, the price has been following a clear uptrend creating an ascending triangle pattern.
During the last weekly session, the price reached its dynamic support trendline and its now moving up.

In the daily time frame, in November 2020, the price got a strong impulse once it reached its dynamic trendline, moving up until the resistance zone at about 1.08500.
It got many rejections around that zone, bouncing back on the support zone at about 1.07370.
It has currently moving up!

In the h4 time frame, at the beginning of January 2021, the price started a strong descending channel , bouncing on the main support level at about 1.7400. It's currently consolidating and the next price action will be essential to understand the next market movement.

If I take in consideration that in the weekly and daily time frame the price is moving with a clear uptrend, I'm really confident to see the price pushing up until the main S/R Zone.
Don't forget that it is very close to its weekly trendline and I'll be waiting for it to re-test that trendline before planning my long position on this trade.

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EURCHF | Perspective for the new week24.1.2021 12:43

EURCHF | Perspective for the new week

I see everywhere possibilities that the EURCHF will continue to march higher in the coming week(s) as Buyers continue to hold strong at Demand level @ Fr1.07100/1.07400.

Tendency: Downtrend ( Bearish )
Structure: Channel | Trendline | Supply & Demand
Observation: i. The Descending channel guides price to Fr1.07400 followed by a sharp rejection of the Demand zone to see price action float above Key level @ Fr1.07600
ii. It is worthy to note here that the meeting of Descending channel and Bullish Trendline(day chart) at the Demand zone is a strong confluence for Buying opportunity at this juncture in the market.
iii. A significant Breakdown of CA$1.07100 shall consider this bias invalid.
Trading plan: BUY confirmation with a minimum potential profit of 150 pips.
Risk/Reward: 1:4
Potential Duration: 7 to 15 days

NB: This speculation can be considered to make decisions on lower timeframes.

Watch this space for updates as price action is been monitored.

Risk Disclaimer:
Margin trading in the foreign exchange market (including foreign exchange trading, CFDs, etc.) has a high risk and is not suitable for all investors. The content of this speculation (including all data) is organized and published by me for the sole purpose of education and assistance in making independent investment decisions. All information herein is for your reference only and I take no responsibility.
You are hereby advised to carefully consider your investment experience, financial situation, investment objective, risk tolerance level, and consult your independent financial adviser as to the suitability of your situation prior to making any investment.
I do not guarantee its accuracy and is not liable for any loss or damage which may result directly or indirectly from such content or the receipt of any instruction or notification therewith.
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

EURCHF short time buy and Long time Sell24.1.2021 08:35

EURCHF short time buy and Long time Sell

1. Market is down trend and trendline breakout but new HH not a create so i think Double Top create the market then long time falling the price.
2. Upper key level break the price then wait for retest and confirmation then take a trade for buy

EURCHF 1H timeframe23.1.2021 13:22

EURCHF 1H timeframe


EUR CHF Long Position 22.1.2021 14:29

EUR CHF Long Position

Price is pushing to the upside and could reach 1.0813 but faces resistance just above 1.07895 where the TP is placed.

Personal Trading Journal - EURCHF22.1.2021 11:41

Personal Trading Journal - EURCHF

Here is my personal trade that i took earlier on today.

EUR/CHF - Retest Support21.1.2021 16:19

EUR/CHF - Retest Support

Possible Support Re-test

EURCHF21.1.2021 13:33


Possible move

EURCHF21.1.2021 11:31


We have a price drop in four hours. In Elliott's theory, the third wave is one of five downward waves that occur after a break. At four o'clock we see a pattern of head and shoulder that reverses the trend and negates and breaks the Nakline and backs up to the Nekline and is ready to fall. The money is back and we are witnessing divergence in the money back area and it is ready to fall. This is an analysis and not a buy or sell signal.

EURCHF Sell setup.21.1.2021 07:19

EURCHF Sell setup.

EURCHF - Intraday - We look to Sell at 1.0824 (stop at 1.0838)

Daily signals are mildly bearish .
Early optimism is likely to lead to gains although extended attempts higher are expected to fail.
A higher correction is expected.
Pivot resistance is at 1.0830.
Our outlook is bearish .
We look for a temporary move higher.

Our profit targets will be 1.0782 and 1.0751

Resistance: 1.0800 / 1.0840 / 1.0880
Support: 1.0760 / 1.0740 / 1.0720

EURCHF /Price Action/ Chart Pattern/21.1.2021 06:58

EURCHF /Price Action/ Chart Pattern/

The price reached a strong support around /1.07500/ and it has also support from the daily uptrend.
The target is the resistance area around /1.8600/.

EUR/CHF BUY 21.1.2021 06:46


1/20/21 - Wed - 10:31 PM

3 on MT4
Inverted head and shoulders ( PR )
Divergence 1,4 hr
Rejected 61% Fib
Break of resistance line ( PR )
Morning star ( PR )
Rejected off 500 zone

Daily divergence (+)
Long term inverted head and shoulders (+)

Long term hitting 50% Fib (-)
Long term downtrend (-)

Need to break 000 zone

ascending triagle pattern in 15m 20.1.2021 14:19

ascending triagle pattern in 15m

waiting fo trading opportunity.

EURCHF 1D 20.1.2021 11:33


technical pattern , the price bounced back from its support heading to 1.0900 resistance

nut20.1.2021 09:52


Watch the lines

EURCHF trade idea 20.1.2021 08:11

EURCHF trade idea


long19.1.2021 17:45


strong support on 4 hour time frame , bullish divergence on 30 minutes time frame

EURCHF broke above wedge pattern, 100 pips growth to come..19.1.2021 17:13

EURCHF broke above wedge pattern, 100 pips growth to come..

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The price broke above wedge shaped structure, I expect the price to move higher towards next resistance for 100 pips

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long19.1.2021 17:06



EUR/CHF Buy19.1.2021 16:38


Going long on EUR/CHF




EurChf should break the Triangle then Down!19.1.2021 14:56

EurChf should break the Triangle then Down!

What I see!

Looking for Impulse Down!
EurChf formed Triangle patterns and 4 legs done! Make sure you have your own rules on RR and follow them. This is just a trading idea to help you/ give better knowledge. If you have any question ask me in comments.
Learn & Earn!



  • This is for educational purposes.

    The price action started with an accumulative move which initially had a SPRING or what I call FALSE SPRING (ON HINDSIGHT; though the false spring gave us good profit as well).

    I am currently short biased based on the distributive schematic shown by price action.

    I have identified a POI which might serve as an entry point.

    Also, based on SMC target points are based on bullish OBs . More like point to point OB.

    These targets will definitely not be smooth sailing

    Disclaimer:: This is not a piece of financial advice. You are solely responsible for any trade which you take based on this analysis. Trading is risky. manage your risk very well.

    Remember, we follow the footprints of the composite man because we cannot move the market.


EURCHF18.1.2021 13:07

EURCHF, already Retested Strong Support, long18.1.2021 12:29

EURCHF, already Retested Strong Support, long

EURCHF , already Retested Strong Support, long


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