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EURUSD Trade Idea26.1.2021 02:12

EURUSD Trade Idea

In yesterday's analysis, I expected EU to have some rollover towards the downside as price was showing multiple rejections at 1.2176 resistance level , which was exactly what the market performed. Recently EU has a downwards violation of the ascending channel which indicates potential short-term bearish sentiment. As EU is currently having some corrective behaviour (exhaustion pattern/ flag), I will be looking for short-term selling opportunities, there are two scenarios that I am looking at

1. A breach of the flag pattern , with 1.2060 support zone as the initial target. Be aware that we could see price re-visit the 1.2176 resistance level before further bearish continuation ( Bearish )
2. If we see some bullish momentum pushing price above the 1.2176 resistance level , that could expose 1.2215 as the next resistance zone ( Bullish )

However, do not forget the overall trend on the higher timeframe remains bullish .

Trade safe.

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EURUSD26.1.2021 02:01



EURUSD26.1.2021 01:32



EUR/USD, new high or new lower low?26.1.2021 01:31

EUR/USD, new high or new lower low?

After testing Resistance Become Support ( RBS ), seems like this pair can't break to make a new lower low. After news from Forex Factory, ECB President Lagarde Speaks, Euro create bearish almost 60 pips. If today news for US Dolar will not give advantage for this safe-haven currency, Euro will take this opportunity to fly high and create a new higher high.

Short Call for EU 26.1.2021 01:07

Short Call for EU

This is a short call EU, Take profits set stop loss based on real entry possible re-entries will be there also so just stay put and look for the candle confirmations, ill be tracking this through the 50% track between 1hr-4hr TF

SELLING EUR/USD26.1.2021 00:57



Entry: 1.2137
Target 1: 1.2087 (50+ pips)
Target 2: 1.2022 (115+ pips)

SL: 1.2232 (95- pips)

R:R 1.2

Short Intra26.1.2021 00:55

Short Intra

On daily timeframe , we have seen now that the price has hit a new high which was last seen in January 2018. Price has rejected once from the top, which means that the pair now will be stucked in consolidation move for at least another 2 weeks.

In the H4, we will see how price will move from here, but this could be a good setup with a good risk return ratio.
Lets see how the scenario plays out.

EURUSD - How to find the better order26.1.2021 00:48

EURUSD - How to find the better order

Idea: to search a rule of trade give the profit percent over 60% in the risk/reward 1/1. Next to find the zone for order there is risk/reward ratio more 1/1 (1.1, 1.5, 2...).
Step 1: I found the rule from 1/1/2020 to 26/1/2021 has the profit percentage over 60% (63.1%). The net profits is 101,841.5%.

Step 2: I found the second order at Fibonacci 65% (the risk/reward: 1/~2) to have the best result. First result with only one order has net profit is 101.841 percent, the second order is 245.,241% (risk/reward 1/~2).
---- How the strategy do below:
1. Trend identification:
... Keltner: Price Through Upper / Lower 1 gives 1 point. 2 points are eligible for entry.
... Stochastic:
...... k> 70: Uptrend. k <15: Down trend.
... ADX: 31 provides strong trend following signal.
2. Entry point:
... Price corrects to Upper / Lower when 3 conditions Keltner , Stochastic & ADX indicator meet.
3. Not trade friday.

eurusd26.1.2021 00:25



eurusd is ready for a short as 4th wave 25.1.2021 23:16

eurusd is ready for a short as 4th wave

i suppose this is the way that eurusd is going to go , a correction as a 4th wave and then 5th wave which is impulsive

EurUsd25.1.2021 22:46



💡 Don't miss the great sell opportunity in EURUSD25.1.2021 22:36

💡 Don't miss the great sell opportunity in EURUSD

Trading suggestion:
. There is still a possibility of temporary retracement to suggested resistance line (1.2165). if so, traders can set orders based on Price Action and expect to reach short-term targets.

Technical analysis:
. EURUSD is in a range bound and the beginning of downtrend is expected.
. The price is below the 21-Day WEMA which acts as a dynamic resistance.
. The RSI is at 40 .

Take Profits:
TP1= @ 1.2115
TP2= @ 1.2100
TP3= @ 1.2055

SL: Break Above R2

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Is it time for EURUSD to resume the uptrend?? 26 Jan 202125.1.2021 22:30

Is it time for EURUSD to resume the uptrend?? 26 Jan 2021

I believe that the retracement we witnessed in the last couple of weeks, is over and this pair is getting ready to resume the uptrend. The significant area around 1.21400 has been active of recent – we even had a false break below it that was quickly reversed.
The H12 chart (not shown) gives a better picture of the hesitation within the S/R zone that I have marked and I am considering taking a long at the top of the H12 candle (1.2165) with a target at about 1.2330 region.
We could have a nice 3R trade if this works out.

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As always, please use sound money and risk management in all your trades.

EURUSD Chart DAILY25.1.2021 21:45



Potential short 25.1.2021 21:41

Potential short

Overall EURUSD has been bullish but it looks like weekly is trying to continue this bearish push to complete the weekly pullback. Weekly and daily has shifted momentum to the downside. If we can get the H4 to shift bearish we can definitely see price continue bearish to our major support level around 1.19000.

Currently we have
57% of trader going short
43% of traders going long

If we get a clean shift of momentum on the lower time frame we could see those number change dramatically





EURUSD FORECAST 25.1.2021 21:18


price could reach the swing area, valid unless the previous high is broken

Lagarde needs to place a lid on the Euro 25.1.2021 21:10

Lagarde needs to place a lid on the Euro

If there is a time for a currency to be relatively weak, it's during recessionary periods. A stronger currency entails a rougher time for goods and services to be exported out of the country as those exports are more expensive due to the stronger currency.

This is currently the case for the Euro . From August last year to the latter part of 2020, the EUR/USD fluctuated between 1.16 and 1.19 before shooting past 1.20 at the end of November due to vaccine positivity. It sits comfortably above 1.20, consolidating between 1.205 and 1.233. Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), has a dilemma on her hands: how to contain the strength of the Euro due to positive sentiment while fighting deflation concerns?

ECB needs more than interest rates

Theoretically, it could be argued that the ECB has used up all their ammunition when it comes to monetary policy . With Interest Rates at 0% for the past four years, alongside the Coronavirus pulling on both sides, with lockdowns forcing businesses to close and consumers to save, a liquidity trap may be underway. The strength of the Euro also gives the ECB limited room to move rates lower. This harks back to the Bank of Japan's issue during the financial crisis, with analysts predicting disinflation, therefore boosting the Yen, thus boosting fears of inflation - a never-ending cycle.

Only useful tool is asset purchases – however, it may have a side effect of boosting the Euro further

The ECB has purchased over 1.85 Trillion Euros worth of assets during the wake of the Pandemic. However, we may see a situation unfold similar to that of the Fed and US Equities – where the Fed's unwavering support for the US economy has had the side effect of boosting US equities. Further purchases may see an influx of capital in European Equities, increasing the demand for the Euro .

Since the strength of a currency is relative, some analysts predict the only way for the ECB to escape the cycle of a strengthening currency and deflationary concerns is through outperforming the Fed when it comes to asset purchases. Salman Ahmed, global head of Macro at Fidelity International, stated that "In currencies it's the relative game that matters," and that "You can argue that the ECB has been very aggressive in its policy, but has it been more aggressive than others? If the ECB wants to get the Euro down, they will have to outgun the Fed – there is no other way."

EURUSD Chart H125.1.2021 20:45



144425.1.2021 20:43

EURUSD, short continue. Bears going to 1.2110 and 1.2077.25.1.2021 20:25

EURUSD, short continue. Bears going to 1.2110 and 1.2077.

Hi friends. EURUSD wont to stop at 1.2135 and solds continue. Next target for bears are 1.2110 and 1.2077 in near future. Exchange sold too big volume above 1.2162. Levels thanks X-Lines script. Follow me.

SHORT - looks like more downside from here IMO25.1.2021 18:03

SHORT - looks like more downside from here IMO

Looking to go short Euro here in the short to med time frame.

EURUSD / Getting ready to go down25.1.2021 18:02

EURUSD / Getting ready to go down

After re-testing the important resistance, I think it will continue its downward path



EURUSD is currently forming a new bullish structure after a strong down momentum of 200 pips, higher highs and higher lows are forming so after the low formed (POINT 5) i expect the market to move up creating a new high at 1.22220 key level (POINT 6). Keep following the post for updates.

EUR longterms25.1.2021 17:46

EUR longterms

If we look at monthly chart EURUSD has 3 major liquidity blocks.
The biggest is to the upside - I marked its point of release. That is where EUR is likely heading longterm on monthly.

Thin 2020 yearly central pivot range predicted volatility for 2020 and so it was a volatile year.
In 2021 we might see a missed yeary pivot . If this would be case it will mark a start of long term uptrend on monthly.

For educational purposes only. Of course those are only guesses and speculations.

EURUSD SHORT 25.1.2021 17:01


Disclaimer : This trade idea is not intended to be financial advice, it is for educational purposes only, any trades taken based off this trade idea is taken at the traders own risk, I accept no responsibility for the the loss.

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EURUSD25.1.2021 16:48


Zone Buy

EURUSD buy,GOING UP Up,predicted 25.1.2021 16:20

EURUSD buy,GOING UP Up,predicted

Hello Traders, here is the full analysis for this pair
Watch strong price action at the current levels fors BUY. GOOD LUCK! Great BUY opportunity in EURUSD ..
I still did my best and this is the most likely count for me at the moment.

EURUSD25.1.2021 16:19



EURUSD25.1.2021 16:16


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