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selling NZDCHF25.1.2021 15:51

selling NZDCHF

selling NZDCHF at the trendline

FX:NZDCHF25.1.2021 14:58



NZDCHF SELL SETUP25.1.2021 14:03


Hello Traders! We are selling NZDCHF according to this view. Apply good money management! Free free to add your comment.

NZDCHF - retest of resistance/supply zone25.1.2021 11:07

NZDCHF - retest of resistance/supply zone

NZDCHF - retest of resistance/ supply zone . Ride to it to the demand zone in green. nice R/R of 3:1

NZDCHF SELL24.1.2021 15:41


As i can see this pair it break trend line and structure show us more bearish move till our design TP
as i had send prediction in last analysis on this exactly retrace to the given levels now hit tp its is going more drop till
design levels we are trading this pair with a small risk and looking for higher rewards
SO friends join the train and earn the profits dont forget push like and follow us for more updates

nzdchf22.1.2021 20:48

NZDCHF: Is the price still GROWING in its CHANNEL?22.1.2021 11:32

NZDCHF: Is the price still GROWING in its CHANNEL?

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🟢Forex Pair:

Technical Analysis:
In the weekly time frame, since January 2017, the price has been following a strong descending channel , temporary breaking it in March 2020.
It's currently in uptrend, trying to reach its dynamic resistance line.

In the daily time frame, since March 2020, the price has been following a clear uptrend, bouncing few times on its dynamic support, before getting a strong impulse that moved it up.
It's currently following an ascending channel and there is a possibility to see the price reaching its weekly dynamic resistance.

In the h4 time frame, the price bounced twice inside its main channel and it's currently approaching to get a possible new rejection. The next price action will be essential to understand the next market movement.

The price is following a strong channel, we can see a double rejection that pushed it up without any hesitation.
I'm confident to see the price getting one more bounce on its dynamic support and move up breaking through the resistance level at about 0.63787, trying to reach my next target on the weekly dynamic resistance.
I would get my first long position if the price will get a rejection on the dynamic support at 0.63285 and I'd open one more position if the price will pullback on the level at about 0.63900

Stay tuned for Updates and Trading Signals!
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⚠️Please note the views are not investment advice and should be used only for educational purposes⚠️

Trade Safe and Responsibly,

NZDCHF - Bearish Bias22.1.2021 11:29

NZDCHF - Bearish Bias

1️⃣ Troubling Covid-19 trends as US President Joe Biden signed 10 executive orders aimed at jump-starting his national COVID-19 strategy to increase vaccinations and testing as the country continues to struggle with the pandemic.
2️⃣ European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde warned the virus continues to pose a serious risk after policy makers voted to keep pumping unprecedented amounts of stimulus into the economy.
3️⃣ The BusinessNZ Performance of Manufacturing Index sank to 48.7 in December, as rising COVID-19 uncertainty and a slow global vaccination program dented sentiment.

1️⃣ The negative risk tone support the safe-havens CHF.


We are looking to sell the NZDCHF at SBR + below SMA 50 on the H1 chart.

NZDCHF DAILY SHORT21.1.2021 23:18


On NZDCHF we are expecting the market to decline to around price level 0.619

NZDCHF H4 - LONG21.1.2021 16:19


Prices found support @0.63200 area and made a bullish rally towards the upside, breaking a neckline structure. We are waiting for a pullback onto the broken structure for a LONG position towards the resistance level .

Stop loss below the support area where if this level gets broken, we should be looking for SELLING opportunities instead.

INVESTORS CALLING 21.1.2021 14:19



short and then long 21.1.2021 13:36

short and then long

With the third blow on the resistance line, it breaks the previous support with more acceleration, and this time it is probably more powerful to defeat the resistance.

NZDCHF BUY21.1.2021 09:41


Looking for buy




Bearish Shark Pattern21.1.2021 08:22

Bearish Shark Pattern


Market Sell Order Set Up.
Sell Entry: (0.64044)

Min Take-Profit: (0.63759)
Max Take-Profit: (0.63564)

Stop-Loss: (0.64402)
Max Risk-Reward: (1.34)

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NZDJPY SELL LIMIT 21.1.2021 00:13


NZDJPY Sell Limit

NZDCHF sell20.1.2021 15:17


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Price has broken from a trend line and is retesting a resistance zone which is close to retest of the trend line .

Resistance zone is also the 50 fib level and 60 fib level.

We also have a potential Head and Shoulders perttern

Short Opportunity For NZDCHF!!! Retesting 161.8% Fib Level...20.1.2021 13:18

Short Opportunity For NZDCHF!!! Retesting 161.8% Fib Level...

As you can see, we managed to see a nice 261.8% fib rejection with price heading all the way down. For now, we are seeing a short term BULLISH movement which I believe wil be a retest to 161.8% fib level before further BEARISH continuation. I have identified the supply zone as seen from my chart. I am expecting great BEARISH pressure at this zone. I will be expecting price to move till 0.6200 ish price level.

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NZD CHF (Long)20.1.2021 11:49

NZD CHF (Long)

Bullflag with lower trend line , price has made 3rd proportionally/equidistanced touched off of the lower trend line with a curved bottom. Major support has already been reached.

NZDCHF Local S/R| Swing Low|.382 Fibonacci| Price Action 20.1.2021 09:49

NZDCHF Local S/R| Swing Low|.382 Fibonacci| Price Action

Evening Traders.

Today’s analysis- NZDCHF- trading below a key trading location where a bearish retest is probable,
Points to consider,
- Price action impulsive
- Local S/R Resistance
(.382 Fibonacci Confluence )
- Swing High Objective
- Oscillators Neutral

NZDCHF’s immediate price action is impulsive below Local S/R that is in confluence with the .382 Fibonacci, this allows for a bearish bias.

The swing high is current objective; price action taking this level out will increase the probability of further downside.

Both oscillators are trading above their range-mid; a larger correction will entail them back to bearish control zones.

Overall, in my opinion, NZDCHF is a valid short with defined risk, price action is to be used upon discretion/ management.

Hope this analysis helps

Thank you for following my work

And remember,

“The Tape Reader’s profits should develop naturally. He should buy or sell because it is the thing to do – not because he wants to make a profit or fears to make a loss”
― Richard D. Wyckoff

NZDCHF: H4: Long20.1.2021 06:51

NZDCHF: H4: Long

Price walking on all MAs and momentum is being up. Long!!

NZDCHF SHORT20.1.2021 04:54

NZD/CHF SELL SIGNAL20.1.2021 01:58



💡Don't miss the great sell opportunity in NZDCHF19.1.2021 18:09

💡Don't miss the great sell opportunity in NZDCHF

Trading suggestion:
". There is still a possibility of temporary retracement to suggested resistance line (0.635).
if so, traders can set orders based on Price Action and expect to reach short-term targets."

Technical analysis:
. NZDCHF is in a range bound and the beginning of downtrend is expected.
. The price is below the 21-Day WEMA which acts as a dynamic resistance.
. The RSI is at 38.

Take Profits:
TP1= @ 0.6300
TP2= @ 0.6265
TP3= @ 0.6235
TP4= @ 0.6185
TP5= @ 0.6110

SL: Break Above R2

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NZD/CHF Sell opportunity19.1.2021 17:02

NZD/CHF Sell opportunity

Possible Sell opportunity with another possible H&S .

NZDCHF buy set up at 61.8 Fibonnaci19.1.2021 14:03

NZDCHF buy set up at 61.8 Fibonnaci

Hello everyone,

This is my idea for NZDCHF .
The pair create a W formation, after the over extended bull run, price now drop and retest the support which is line up perfectly at 61.8 Fibonacci level.
I recommend we keep this pair in our watch list, and try to find a buy signal in 4h timeframe.

Risk reward is 1:3 for this trade.
Goodluck to everyone.


Please do your own analysis before start trading.

NZD/CHF dropping down🧙🏻‍♂️19.1.2021 09:28

NZD/CHF dropping down🧙🏻‍♂️

We expect a huge drop to happen and hit the 0.62300 area of support🙌🏻

NZDCHF broke LOWER TRENDLINE17.1.2021 20:36


SHORT trade analysis on NZDCHF.

Graph just broke lower trendline (since october) meaning bearish move to lower support zone at 0.6240.

If you liked this idea or if you have your own opinion about it, write in the comments.


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