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USD/CAD Outlook (26 January 2021)26.1.2021 02:41

USD/CAD Outlook (26 January 2021)

Overall, USD/CAD is ranging across. Recently, USD/CAD bounced off the resistance zone of 1.27900.

USD/CAD’s next support zone is at 1.25720 and the next resistance zone is at 1.27900.
Look for selling opportunities of USD/CAD .

UCAD Short26.1.2021 02:40

UCAD Short

Easy 100 pip move coming about . Stay tuned !! Should play out really smooth !

Short26.1.2021 02:30


I'm still bearish because of the obvious deviation and the linear regression of on orbit resistance. Steady fall through the red line, that is 30 minutes after the effective fractal rebound short. You can also choose whether the alternative varieties of AUDUSD and NZDUSD can be long.

first punt26.1.2021 00:38

USDCAD short active 26.1.2021 00:13

USDCAD short active

Taken a short on USDCAD as it failed to make a new higher high. Looking for downtrend to continue.

USDCAD FORECAST LONG 26.1.2021 00:06


Pair USDCAD may move a little bit downside at around 1.2670 then I am expecting this pair move upside (long term)
Disclaimer ON

USDCAD sell25.1.2021 23:32


USDCAD is actually failing to break the highs of 1.27530 so i am expecting a sell position there. Check it out too and comment if i have made an error or my ananlysis dont suits yours.

USDCAD future short swing if confirmed by the 4h chart25.1.2021 23:04

USDCAD future short swing if confirmed by the 4h chart

Possible swing short in usd/cad for the next days. We are waiting for confirmation in the 4h chart aiming to see rejections of the trend line area.
It's close to a buyer zone so if breaks out in that case we will be placing buys for a nice swing. For now I present the trade idea, follow the updates to see if its valid or not.

USDCAD made ABCD PATTERN and will FALL25.1.2021 22:08


SHORT trade analysis on USDCAD.

Graph is looking bearish to lower trendline. On the chart is clearly seen ABCD pattern meaning that price will fall now. Trade idea is also shown on MACD and RSI indicators, so you can see that graph made regular bearish divergence.

If you liked this idea or if you have your own opinion about it, write in the comments.

USDCAD break for a buy $$$$$25.1.2021 19:43

USDCAD break for a buy $$$$$

this has been my trendline for the last few months, price has broke then retested and now its about to fly up.

Seller Re Entry at Fresh Top Candle Zone?25.1.2021 19:42

Seller Re Entry at Fresh Top Candle Zone?

Current seller makes Bearish Pinbar . And seems like this is the first seller trial, showing signal of possible seller getting more supply to make downtrend. Sign of H1 Bearish Pinbar and fresh Top candle supply zone , more likely I will sell entry starting from High price of Bearish Pinbar . For this pattern on H1, I will safe exit at starting of demand zone of bottom candle.

USDCAD IS BEARISH25.1.2021 19:32


Hello friends,
We should wait until the price reach the box after candlesick confirmation we have a good chance to sell.
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Sell USDCAD25.1.2021 18:37


We see usdcad has reached a critical zone where we have to see i drop. We should go in for a short position and when the price meets my white horizontal line we move sl to entry to ensure a risk free trade!
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USD/CAD SELL IDEA25.1.2021 18:20


Hey tradomaniacs,

welcome to another free trading-setup.

Notice: This is meant to be a preparation for you! As always we will have to wait for a confirmation!

USD/CAD: Swingtrade-Preparation

  • Market-Sell: 1,28345
    Stop-Loss: 1,27890

    Point Of Risk-Reduction:1,26815
    Take-Profit: 1,26100

    Stop-Loss: 55 pips
    Risk: 0,5% -1%

    Risk-Reward: 2,25

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Peace and good trades

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USDCAD SELL25.1.2021 18:14


Reversal from hitting the top of the channel

Support Break (LLb) + Fibo Musang Entry and TP25.1.2021 17:31

Support Break (LLb) + Fibo Musang Entry and TP

From top that makes HHb (Higher High Break), then bottom that makes LLb (Lower Low Break), i'm looking at sell entry at Fibo Musang level 23, then TP at nearest level 161.

USDCAD 1H False BreakOut25.1.2021 17:13

USDCAD 1H False BreakOut

- false breakout with pin bar on down trend line
- pin bar signal in supply area
- Divergence with RSI

USDCAD Short25.1.2021 17:10


USDCAD short opportunity

*+ usdcad sell setup +*25.1.2021 16:58

*+ usdcad sell setup +*

3rd touch of ascending channel within descending channel on usdcad .

- Ambitious but enough price action to support the move.

USDCAD IS GOING DOWN ?25.1.2021 16:43


If the price didnt broke the trendline at the end of the candle. I think that the price will go down

USDCAD -Week 425.1.2021 16:16

USDCAD -Week 4

Trade with care.

Disclaimer: The analysis provided is purely informative and it should not be used as financial advice. We do not recommend making hurried trading decisions. You should always understand the risk that trading implies and that PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS.

USDCAD- Buy on dips 25.1.2021 16:09

USDCAD- Buy on dips

it is good to buy on dips around 1.2760-62 with SL around 1.2720 for TP of 1.2900



best time to sell usdcad ,strong resistance + downtrend + the usd is very week this days and the CAD very strong
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USDCAD - Long Trade with Dollar Strength25.1.2021 15:26

USDCAD - Long Trade with Dollar Strength

Hello all

DuncanForex here with a trade idea - with no advertising about anything so the post will stay active.

I expect USD to gain strength in the coming weeks - please see this link below to many trade ideas.

Stay safe and safe trading


ob25.1.2021 15:06



Hello friends,

usdcad bearish idea on 30 min time frame

PRICE: 1.2720
SL: 1.2745
TP: 1.2679

USD/CAD - Potential Sell at Reentry MHV H125.1.2021 14:18

USD/CAD - Potential Sell at Reentry MHV H1

Technical analysis based on Basic BBMA strategies ( Bollinger Band and Moving Average) . This is just a prediction where the market go. TAYOR.

Sell Setup
Entry point: Reentry MHV at 1.27339 or Top BB H1
Cutloss : When CS able to close and break TOP BB as Momentum Buy. Make sure to wait for candle close before exit the market

USDCAD H125.1.2021 13:08

liquid or stick with bias25.1.2021 12:50

liquid or stick with bias

If analysis is correct next candle should be as you anticipate however if wrong should you be liquid and change bias or take the wrong analysis on the chin and re analyze, possibly find a better entry if price gives it.
avenge not revenge
Cast iron pizza Trade

HO 25/125.1.2021 12:13


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