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USDCHF ROAD MAPS26.1.2021 02:53


BUY AREA 0.8865
STOP LOSS 0.8837



#USDCHF LONG - Break and retest26.1.2021 00:30

#USDCHF LONG - Break and retest

Follow trend with break and retest strategy

sell usdchf25.1.2021 23:42

sell usdchf

supply zone break up trend h1

USDCHF LONG25.1.2021 21:28


Slow Money is Better than Blown Money

usdchf long25.1.2021 21:03

The "stop hunt" for usdchf25.1.2021 17:00

The "stop hunt" for usdchf

hello fellow traders, welcome to the sniper gang! ive noticed that there was alot of liquidity above in an area of value that seemed as if it was supposed to be bearish but ive learned from trading this pair that 8/10 the market makers will swipe away the stops of retail traders before they make the true move happen. i have my entry zones based of accumulation of the jump across the creek for this bullish thrust we see and the next one is to the supply zone above current resistance to go back down and wipe out the rest of the liquidity, drop a thumbs up if you like or agree with my analysis!

USDCHF is going to change the course...25.1.2021 16:55

USDCHF is going to change the course...

Let's see what we have here...
— Clear H&S structure;
— Strong bullish divergence with MACD ;
— We're approaching medium time trend line .
This is a "buy and forget" trade. Not for daytraders. For swing traders.

Trend reversal 25.1.2021 16:37

Trend reversal

H&S pattern forming which means the trending is reversing, the break of the neckline means it will be an uptrend

UsdChf25.1.2021 16:25


Buy nd hold till resistance level

USDCHF - Week 425.1.2021 16:18

USDCHF - Week 4

Trade with care.

Disclaimer: The analysis provided is purely informative and it should not be used as financial advice. We do not recommend making hurried trading decisions. You should always understand the risk that trading implies and that PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS.

USDCHF Sell limit opportunity25.1.2021 16:10

USDCHF Sell limit opportunity

We have a butterfly harmonic pattern and the price re-corrected to Fibo 61 after the success of pattern, so I think that the price will rise to Fibo 78, and then it will be a good entry from the 0.89 level.
The target is at 0.884 and the stop loss is 0.893

USDCHF MULTI-TIMEFRAME ANALYSIS 25/01 to 29/0125.1.2021 15:50


Monthly and Weekly price structure is bearish , Daily is slightly bullish . Price retraces back to the support zone as highlighted on the Daily time-frame,H4 market structure turned bullish . There is a probability to look for longs to reach the weekly gap as highlighted.

Trade Safe!

Good Health! Good Wealth!



USD CHF , more opportunity to long !25.1.2021 10:35

USD CHF , more opportunity to long !

this my trade idea on usd chf ,

USDCHF IDEA25.1.2021 09:39


we can see here the Price come from the good Supply zone and do a Range in Sydny/tokyo session and when Lonodn open The great candle Cross the Range and give us good opportunity to BUY this pair

USDCHF on the 1H time-frame25.1.2021 09:37

USDCHF on the 1H time-frame

USDCHF on the 1H time-frame.
1. The price will be an uptrend if it can breakout the resistance line at 0.89188 and stand on it.
2. The price Will be a downtrend if it create the lower high and breakout the support line at 0.88242
3. Keep waiting and see what is an action will be?

I'm feeling this25.1.2021 09:17

I'm feeling this

CHF was weak at the time

USDCHF BUY IDEA25.1.2021 09:16


Broke MA200
Bullish Engulfing Candle
Bottom Shoulder to the Big Reverse Head and Shoulder
hit 50-61.8 FIb level

USDCHF H4: BEST level to BUY/HOLD +100/+150 pips(SL/TP)(UPDATE)25.1.2021 09:11

USDCHF H4: BEST level to BUY/HOLD +100/+150 pips(SL/TP)(UPDATE)

USDCHF H4: BEST level to BUY/HOLD +100/+150 pips(SL/TP)(UPDATE)
IMPORTANT NOTE: speculative setup. do your own
due dill. use STOP LOSS. don't overleverage.

🔸 Summary and potential trade setup
::: USDCHF H4 chart review/outlook
::: Bullish outlook / strong chart
::: Inverted H*S setup in progress
::: retest of 8820/8830 is high probability
::: BULLS buy at 8820/8830
::: TP is +100/+150 pips
::: STOP LOSS is 40 pips
::: recommend to BUY/HOLD from below
::: recommended strategy BUY/HOLD 8820/8830
::: SL 40 pips TP1 +100 TP2 +150
::: SWING trade setup do not expect
::: fast/miracle overnights gains here
::: good luck traders
🔸 Supply/Demand Zones
::: 8820/8830 fresh demand zone
::: 9000 fresh supply zone
🔸 Other noteworthy technicals/fundies
::: TD9 /Combo update: N/A
::: Sentiment short-term: BEARS
::: Sentiment outlook mid-term: BULLS/REVERSAL/ IHS

USDCHF Sell a break setup.25.1.2021 07:10

USDCHF Sell a break setup.

USDCHF - Intraday - We look to Sell a break of 0.8837 (stop at 0.8857)

Daily signals are bearish .
Price action continued to range between key support & resistance (0.8850 - 0.8920) although we expect a break of this range soon.
The bias is to break to the downside.
Pivot support is at 0.8757.
Our profit targets will be 0.8778 and 0.8728

Resistance: 0.8870 / 0.8890 / 0.8920
Support: 0.8840 / 0.8820 / 0.8800

21.01.25 USD/CHF25.1.2021 02:06

21.01.25 USD/CHF

Hello Traders!
Please support this idea with a LIKE if you find it useful.

- This post does not provide financial advice. It is for educational purposes only.

USD/CHF go for long if reach 61.8 of fibo or 00:46

USD/CHF go for long if reach 61.8 of fibo or 78.2

Target as i mentioned with yellow line stop loss as i mentioned too good luck

USDCHF Analysis Jan 24, 202024.1.2021 23:41

USDCHF Analysis Jan 24, 2020

On the weekly timeframe it looks like we are heading for some further downward momentum. On the daily timeframe we are still in a downtrend and are currently sitting below the moving averages. Last week closed with a dojo candle which means we could push a bit higher before heading lower. On the H4 timeframe is where I see structure the clearest. We just broke a level of structure on the H4 timeframe are are now looking for a retirement to the 38.2% area before heading lower.

USDCHF Update24.1.2021 22:02


Trend: Downtrend

Key Level: 0.90500

Entry Signal: Waiting to see price react as 0.88000 level to take buys to 0.90500 key zone

thinking a Sell is in place?24.1.2021 21:30

thinking a Sell is in place?

its has broken through the support level and might retrace a little bit more before going down towards the next support level .

Check the price trend 24.1.2021 21:07

Check the price trend

If the trend changes from a downtrend to an uptrend within the specified support range, it can move up to the specified targets.
And if the price can cross the specified support range, it is possible to continue the downward trend to the specified range.

USD CHF Rejected alreay 0.50 Fib24.1.2021 18:12

USD CHF Rejected alreay 0.50 Fib

USD CHF already rejected this Fib level and we can see that is stuck at this resistance and minor support, wait for a breakout.

USDCHF: Technical analysis.24.1.2021 15:58

USDCHF: Technical analysis.

Hello traders,
Wave 4 has probably ended. Wave 5 is supposed to materialise towards the support zone at 0.87000.

BUY24.1.2021 14:27

USDCHF Buy Setup24.1.2021 14:04

USDCHF Buy Setup

Price rejected one more time from neckline area.
And now price potentially create inverted head and shoulders and Butterfly pattern .
Complete butterfly will also retesting 61.8 level and support level .
from this area we can try to find best entry to buy.


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