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USDDKK: Buy opportunity on the 1M Channel Up.15.1.2020 13:05

USDDKK: Buy opportunity on the 1M Channel Up.

The price is testing again the 1D MA50 (blue line) following a rebound on the Higher Low of the 1M Channel Up ( RSI = 54.950, MACD = 0.046, ADX = 37.670, Highs/Lows = 0.0000) it has been trading on since mid 2018.

The MACD and RSI on the 1D chart are both waving the same bull flags they did when the price reached previous Higher Lows on the Channel. We treat this as a strong medium term buy opportunity with TP = 6.8000 and 6.8500.

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USDDKK 4HR POI26.5.2019 01:58


Trade the Bounces

USDDKK Sell Signal (1D Double Top)3.4.2019 09:59

USDDKK Sell Signal (1D Double Top)

Pattern: 1D Bullish Channel .

Signal: Bearish after the Double Top rejection on 1D.

Target: 6.55000 (above the Support Zone ).

USDDKK: Double buy opportunity on 1D/1W.14.3.2019 10:27

USDDKK: Double buy opportunity on 1D/1W.

The pair is on a strong long term Channel Up on 1W ( RSI = 56.469, MACD = 0.047) trading on its Higher Low zone (Highs/Lows = 0.0000). Naturally, 1D is now neutral ( RSI = 51.144, Highs/Lows = 0.0000), trading on its own Channel Up Higher Low, pricing a break upwards. The latter gives a buy signal with TP = 6.7000 (Higher High). The 1W Channel Up gives a buy signal if the H/H sequence on the lower resisting trend line (~6.72100) breaks upwards (TP = 6.87400).

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USDDKK buy fib15.11.2018 12:37

USDDKK buy fib


USD/DKK 1H Chart: Bulls likely to prevail10.10.2018 12:17

USD/DKK 1H Chart: Bulls likely to prevail

The US Dollar has been appreciating against the Danish Krone after the currency pair reversed from the lower boundary of a long-term ascending channel at 6.3200.

Currently, the exchange rate is trading in a short-term ascending channel as well. It is expected that the pair will breach the junior trend and will aim for the upper boundary of the senior channel located circa 6.6000. An important level to look out for is the 2018 high at 6.5691.

It is the unlikely case that some bearish pressure still prevails in the market, the US Dollar should not exceed the 100– and 200-period SMAs (4H), currently located near 6.4140.

USD/DKK 1H Chart: Bulls likely to prevail31.8.2018 13:07

USD/DKK 1H Chart: Bulls likely to prevail

The US Dollar is appreciating against the Danish Krone in a short term ascending channel . This gradual increase in price began when the rate reversed from the 6.3600 mark.

Currently, the rate is being supported by the 55– and 100-hour SMAs on the 1H time-frame. It is expected that the rate eventually gathers the necessary momentum to breach the junior channel.

However, it should be taken into account that the pair is pressured by the 200-hour SMA at 6.4126 and this advance might not be immediate.

An important level to look out for is the monthly R1 at 6.4312.

Reaction from 50 weekly Fib retracement17.8.2018 14:26

Reaction from 50 weekly Fib retracement

Price was pushed off weekly 50 Fibonacci level forming a shooting star on daily. Half of the move already took place and this is how far we can short on hourly after Fib extension (there is cloud support on 4 hours | weekly | monthly and daily tenkan-sen at that extension).

USD/DKK 4H Chart: Ascending triangle dominates5.4.2018 13:37

USD/DKK 4H Chart: Ascending triangle dominates

The US Dollar has been trading in a long-term descending channel against the Danish Krone in force since late 2016. The pair’s neat movement in this channel was disrupted in January when a reversal to the upside occurred without the pair reaching its bottom boundary.

The Greenback has since been moving in a slight up-trend, but it has nevertheless failed to overcome the 6.1169 mark. As a result, an ascending triangle was formed.

If looking at the pair’s movement during the past few weeks, the Greenback has reversed from the trend-line, breached the senior channel and has been gradually moving towards its four-month high of 6.1169. It is likely that the current bullish momentum prevails during the following weeks and pushes the rate for new highs. A possible target for the following week or two could be the 6.20 area.

USDDKK Long12.2.2018 04:36


Buy USDDKK . It is at a strong support zone and will only go up today. 

USDDKK Downtrend should continue18.12.2017 11:30

USDDKK Downtrend should continue

It is not much here on the chart. What I found is that top of the upside down head and shoulders formation touches the lowest lows from last 2 years May 2016 and August 2015. Those two lows created very strong support/resistance area. Pair is rejected perfectly from this level.

From my experience Upside down head and shoulder formations are very good sign suggesting further trend continuation witch is downtrend on our chart.

TI would set TP are close to 6.00 and SL just above head.

... if pair will consolidate for some time I suspect that 200 ema will push pair lower

USDDKK30.10.2017 06:38

USDDKK : BUY SETUP24.10.2017 07:13


TP : 6.5030

SL : 6.2500

Triple Top10.9.2017 19:43

Triple Top

Triple top at monthly chart. A late seeing but still may be a lot of room for profit till 5.80



After hitting the lower medium term band for 15 % width of band as permitted by the monetary policy , the Danish central bank and the FED undertake market sterilization to slower the strengthening of DKK in the market to match the economic and financial stability bands. Accordingly, long the market sterilization (short term band) is recommendable to as follows:

Long at 6.32
Stop loss at 6.25
Target T1. 6.54 T2. 6.67
Duration: 1-2 months, may longer subject to sterilization performance

Risk management:
After the USDSEK moves to upward and breaking the 6. 40 manage the stop loss to entry rate for risk-free trading position management.

The performance of this analysis could be followed continuously by clicking the chart then the > to evaluate the correctness of this analysis, to include to update any updates that may be made on this analysis during the long period.

USD/DKK 4H Chart: Channel Down19.7.2017 09:04

USD/DKK 4H Chart: Channel Down

USD/DKK 4H Chart: Channel Down

  • The American Dollar is losing value against the Danish Krone in a three week long descending channel .
  • Formation of the pattern began shortly after the Greenback depreciated by 1.55% on June 27.

  • In the second half of the yesterday’s trading session the currency exchange rate has bounced off from the channel’s bottom trend-line, which was additionally protected by the weekly S2 at 6.4315.
  • Most probably, and impulse given by this combined support level will be strong enough to guide the pair though the weekly S1 at 6.4585.
  • Unless no fundamental events will happen, the surge is expected to continue until the pair reaches a combined resistance level , which will be set up by that time by the 55-period SMA and the weekly PP at 6.4996.

USD/DKK 1D Chart: Channel Down4.7.2017 08:19

USD/DKK 1D Chart: Channel Down

The American Dollar is losing value against the Danish Krone in a medium-term descending channel . Formation of the channel began after the currency pair broke the support line of the preceding long-term descending channel in the result of the sharp depreciation of the Dollar between May 11 and 16.

By this moment, the rate has made two confirmations from the top and only one from the bottom, which means that the pattern has not reached the maturity yet. From a technical perspective, the slip to the bottom boundary of the pattern is expected to follow.

However, the first days of July or the last two green candles showed that the pair has made a premature rebound. If the next two-three days will attest this transformation, it would be possible to consider falling wedge , as a new guiding pattern.

But such scenario is doubtful because if the pair managed to rebound without any meaningful barriers on its way, then even more it has to bounce off from the combined resistance level set up by the weekly and monthly PP at 6.5546 and 6.5659. In such situation two scenarios are likely to follow.

If it succeeds to bypass this barrier, that in accordance with the characteristics of the falling wedge and taking into account the way the pair moved previously, it is expected to break though the upper trend-line of the channel somewhere in the second half of July.

If a correction occurs and it fails to break through this cellar, the rate is expected to drop until the bottom trend-line of the channel, which is supported by the combination of the monthly and weekly S1 at 6.4526 and 6.4413. In this case, a rebound is expected to follow as well. Firstly, because the pressure coming from this support level is quite strong. Secondly, because this contact will represent only second confirmation point. And, usually, we need at least two reaction highs and lows to only confirm an existence of the channel (not speaking about its upcoming breaking).

DANISH KRONE ....selling for short term 2.7.2017 05:15

DANISH KRONE ....selling for short term

selling toward 6.41 but after that on that place it will go upside

USDDKK : BUY SETUP21.6.2017 05:50


TP : 6.8000

SL : 6.6200

USDDKK Upside. False USD strength24.5.2017 02:06

USDDKK Upside. False USD strength

USDDKK will show false strength over the next few days short term

USDDKK Good Time For Short18.4.2017 09:53

USDDKK Good Time For Short


AHTKPTS Believe USDDKK is like A+ Trade Set up.AHTKPTS Suggest u to open your trade here.This is good time for short.But always follow good money management.Trade with care.

USDDKK wonderful long opportunity 22.11.2016 14:02

USDDKK wonderful long opportunity

We have been talking about this for awhile as its makes it way up to the top of the pattern. We took half profit at the top of the pattern but now that we have broken and whats looks to be a possible retouch we will add in a half position and see if we can get a thrust north.

USDDKK, Still a GREAT setup take a look14.11.2016 10:51

USDDKK, Still a GREAT setup take a look

If you look back on my charts I posted this around 2 months ago. I decided to repost because I felt it was still worth new faces seeing. The pattern as stated previously clearly corrective, I knew it had one more move to the upside so I allowed it the time it needed to get there. Yea I know most of you hate being in trades for long amounts of time, and to be honest I do most of my trading short term. However I love the fact that you can just take a breather while it develops and works itself out instead of constantly checking to see if its hit your stops or not. It was refreshing putting some bigger trades in for longer term that I was more sure off than others. Now that we have hit my first target area I will wait to see if we can get a break retest and a nice surge up to the shaved candle on the monthly around the .764 Fib. Yes this will take awhile, yes it is worth it to be patient and let itself run its course, it has a long way to go. My entry was 6.6650 area

(4h) Bullish Advanced Pattern @Major AB=CD Completion20.8.2016 18:11

(4h) Bullish Advanced Pattern @Major AB=CD Completion


Safe Trades;



After the breakout of the monthly downward trendline with a strong impulse this pair is in the middle of a correction. In this moment it seems channeling to the upside of this structure. In both scenarios on chart i'm expecting a breakout to the upside.

#USDDKK: Bears Around, Downside To Be Seen To Lows!13.7.2016 18:47

#USDDKK: Bears Around, Downside To Be Seen To Lows!

The pair hit sideways support, formed a double top , and created multiple indecision candles with bearish follow through. Expecting nice downside. I hope you have a tested trading strategy to trade this move when it starts.

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USDDKK26.6.2016 21:37


USDDKK shorting highs

STILL ON DOWNTREND13.6.2016 22:35


Price appears to be rejected by upper channel, next target down.

SHORT WITH NICE RR17.5.2016 16:29


Nice short . invalidation if HH.


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