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Is USDMXN heading to $19.50 ??? 24.1.2021 03:25

Is USDMXN heading to $19.50 ???

After observing price is finding resistance at $20.00, and Stochastic indicator is at a level of 92 (pverbought), price might move downward to a lower low, probably $19.50

I am personally entering a short position

STOP LOSS $20.02
TARGET 1: $19.70
TARGET 2: $19.60
TARGET 3: $19.50

Not financial advice, do your own research...

Mobile (on the go) analysis 22.1.2021 23:09

Mobile (on the go) analysis

I was asked to put together and analysis for this pair. I am pleased to see some strong support and resistance in play creating positive trade sentiment.

A rejection at current resistance at market open will sentiment towards a bottom support retest at 19.53400.

A break through resistance at market open will continue to make attempts for breaks through 20.19600 and 20.66400. If this occurs a huge momentum towards 22.00000 will be in play.

MACD /SIGNAL cross in play and heading for 0 line. RSI dropping out of overbought zone.

Pay close attention to payouts at support and resistance mapped.

Again this is on my mobile phone so my apologies for the charting.

Please comment with thoughts and ideas. Thank you

You can short it with two TP22.1.2021 19:17

You can short it with two TP

TP 1= 19600
TP 2= 19100
Stop lost= 20.286

usdmxn22.1.2021 17:50

usdmxn short term sell21.1.2021 18:49

usdmxn short term sell

dancing with the market as per usual :)

USDMXN potential bottom reloaded21.1.2021 14:02

USDMXN potential bottom reloaded

So USDMXN is respecting both the 19.61 level and the purple downtrend line. A lot of touches on the trend line (red circles drawn) and rejections. We are looking for a break on this trendline as a first signal of reversal. Below 19.61 we have 19.03 and 18.55 but we don't think it goes there.

Similar fractal from when it climbed from 18.55 to 26, we were following a descending triangle that actually broke to the bottom before reversing hard. The market does what the market wants to do.

USDMXN LONG TRADE20.1.2021 02:16


Price is rejecting support so I am going long and targeting previous resistance.

200 pip long usdmxn19.1.2021 19:07

200 pip long usdmxn


This is how I see MXN pesso in few days19.1.2021 18:18

This is how I see MXN pesso in few days

- support below
- vert vert strong mxn pesso (to strong?)
- USD is fetting stronger last times
- bullish volumen

- against tthe trend

this is not recomendation, just my point of view

BUY USD/MXN 1W TIME FRAME (BUY HOLD). 19.1.2021 03:17


Placing a buy position on USD/MXN

Due to rises in COVID cases and new strains of COVID weighing in on Mexican PESO.

The Mexican Peso remains vulnerable to a risk-off move, meaning the US Dollar will be picking up safe haven momentum. If this occurs, I would look for a break above 20.50 to start considering price reversal, with a close above the 21.00 line as a confirmation of short-term bullish bias.


Please send comment with feedback.


Mexican Peso gains against US dollar17.1.2021 19:41

Mexican Peso gains against US dollar

Mexican peso lingering on 19.75-20.50 region, new political and monetary policies in USA that could lead to more gains for the PESO.
Awaiting new president elect Joe Biden stimulus plan for us economy along with new vaccine administration policies for covid-19
more stimulus in us could send peso to the 19.00-18.50 in the upcoming weeks of January- February

READY TO BUY-WE ARE FLY15.1.2021 00:37


USD MXN last wave length
is first wave length or ,0.618 of first wave.




USD/MXN, Support and Resistance.14.1.2021 20:39

USD/MXN, Support and Resistance.

USD/MXN, Support and Resistance .

Eyes on 19.68!14.1.2021 20:37

Eyes on 19.68!

this could be time for a bounce back to 19.8

or entry for 19.50s,

follow break and set stops

USD/MXN 12.1.2021 21:36


It is repeating the last green candle . A upside down W. Waiting for conformation to sell . Waiting for it to go down to 19.7

BUY USDMXN 11/01/202111.1.2021 08:32

BUY USDMXN 11/01/2021

Bull Flag breakout with buy confirmation. BuY

There is a possibility of the beginning an uptrend in USDMXN8.1.2021 15:58

There is a possibility of the beginning an uptrend in USDMXN

Midterm forecast:
While the price is above the support 19.5970 , beginning of uptrend is expected.
If the support at 19.5970 is broken, the short-term forecast -beginning of uptrend- will be invalid.

Technical analysis:
Price is below WEMA21, if price rises more, this line can act as dynamic resistance against more gains.
Relative strength index ( RSI ) is 37.

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USDMXN potential bottom8.1.2021 13:59

USDMXN potential bottom

USDMXN has been in a deep move down and now has a what might become a potential bottom. Breaking the trendline (points where it tested are circled in red) would be a good signal...looks like the trendline with the fib line (orange horizontal line) might be the intersect, around 20.25.
By breaking, we would like to see a daily break and ideally a weekly break above.

.8.1.2021 02:26

USDMXN7.1.2021 11:11


Long idea usdmxn

SELL USDMXN 07/01/20217.1.2021 08:56

SELL USDMXN 07/01/2021

Price broke H&S . More down is expected

USDMXN short7.1.2021 00:53

USDMXN short

First time analyzing USDMXN , there appears a HnS on the hourly and a bearish flag aswell, going short to $19.45
wich matches with the fib level.

Little peek at my USDMXN plan5.1.2021 14:58

Little peek at my USDMXN plan

there hasnt been a clear breakout lately so i have been staying out

Theres bigger room to upside than downside from here so shorts should be taken very carefully

USD/MXN Long4.1.2021 13:42


Target entry on H1

USDMXN 2021 BUY30.12.2020 19:42



USDMXN Long Opportunity...Area of Support!!!28.12.2020 10:09

USDMXN Long Opportunity...Area of Support!!!

From our chart, we can currently see that price level for USDMXN is at the 161.8% fib level. We can see that this movement act as a retest to the trend support level (dotted line) with a potential to see price moving to the upside. Price level is also consolidating near the support @19.8000 price level. I am expecting strong support pressure here and will see it moving towards the trend resistance level (also 100% fib level). Further movement will be confirmed after we see a rejection or a breakout. As of now, I will trade the BULLISH movement to the trend resistance.

Kindly hit the LIKE Button if you agree with my analysis and feel free to COMMENT your idea below. As for those who are keen to get daily updates and analysis from me feel free to FOLLOW me. Cheers and Happy Trading!!

Love how it turned out!22.12.2020 15:41

Love how it turned out!

10/10, rare to see moves that go pretty much perfectly as planned

on other notes, one thing to note here is looking at price reaction at fib levels, this way we can know for sure the levels posted are correct. every rise or every fall has a small or big resistance/attraction to the lines..

This way i know we do not need to modify and we can keep using them for weeks/months to come

USDMXN analysis22.12.2020 10:49

USDMXN analysis


USDMXN UPDATE21.12.2020 11:10


Hello,i'm waiting for USDMXN to touch the 0.32, 0.5 and probably 0.618 Fibonacci Retracement taken on the weekly impulse before going down to the Lower Low


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