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USDZAR Short25.1.2021 23:12


USDZAR has been playing around the trendline for sometime now, it has also rejected resistance a couple of times on the 15M chart, it will break the trend line and head down to 15.0000,

Breakout and retest25.1.2021 23:08

Breakout and retest

Broken channel and Retest

Retest before possible rise?25.1.2021 22:17

Retest before possible rise?

I am still very new to the trading world, being based in South Africa I feel trading USD/ZAR makes sense, any pointers or advice on learning materials is welcomed.
My idea is that now it has broken the downward trend, there will be a retest(and possible buy opportunity)to confirm and then the start of a new upward trend, all of which varies on many other external factors.
Just an idea
P.S I am using mobile so the graphic may not be proportional.

USDZAR SHORT25.1.2021 21:41


The price level @15.27 left unfinished supply, it needs to be cleared!
The demand zone below has a nice possibility of being cleared!

💡Don't miss the great buy opportunity in USDZAR25.1.2021 21:03

💡Don't miss the great buy opportunity in USDZAR

Midterm forecast:
While the price is above the support 14.5030, beginning of uptrend is expected.
We make sure when the resistance at 16.3405 breaks.
If the support at 14.5030 is broken, the short-term forecast -beginning of uptrend- will be invalid.

Technical analysis:
There is a divergence in RSI and price between the trough at 16.315 on 2020-06-10 and the trough at 14.51015 on 2020-12-18, the probability of downtrend continuation is decreased and the probability of beginning of uptrend is increased.
The RSI downtrend #1 is broken, so the probability of beginning of uptrend is increased.
A trough is formed in daily chart at 14.7500 on 01 /21/2021, so more gains to resistance(s) 15.3750, 15.6585, 16.0745 and maximum to Major Resistance (16.3405) is expected.
Price is above WEMA21, if price drops more, this line can act as dynamic support against more losses.
Relative strength index ( RSI ) is 55.

Trading suggestion:
There is possibility of temporary retracement to suggested Buy Zone (14.761 to 14.503). We wait during the retracement, until the price tests the zone, whether approaching, touching or entering the zone.

. Beginning of entry zone (14.761)
. Ending of entry zone (14.503)

Take Profits:
TP1 @ 15.3750
TP2 @ 15.6585
TP3 @ 16.0745
TP4 @ 16.3405
TP5 @ 17.1045
TP6 @ 17.7885
TP7 @ 19.3350
TP8 Free

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USDZAR ANALYSIS25.1.2021 08:49


Pair rebounded from key level at 14.8945 with strong bullish movement
Price broke upper edge of falling wedge pattern
Above SMA 100
It's expected to target resistance level at 15.3760

USDZAR25.1.2021 07:56




25jan202125.1.2021 06:55


FX commentary and key daily levels

USDZAR - Looking for R15 25.1.2021 06:09

USDZAR - Looking for R15

- Price has hit a resistance area

- Looking for a move towards R15 and first target

- SL R15.16


Disclaimer: All ideas are my opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

USDZAR!25.1.2021 05:47


More shorts to come.

Trade with care always use a stop loss.

USDZAR24.1.2021 19:18

USDZAR BULLISH IDEA24.1.2021 16:38



USDZAR : SELL IDEA24.1.2021 15:41


1) Price has reached the top of the trendline
2) price is expected to reverse and go and test the bottom trendline

usdzar24.1.2021 13:25


long term buy after breakout and retest of current channel

USDZAR 23.1.2021 22:49


Short Idea

USDZAR Trading Plan23.1.2021 17:11

USDZAR Trading Plan

patternBy following the D1 TF and by zooming out, it's clear that we have a CUP AND HANDLE validated pattern, please just follow the path to trade

USDZAR Trading Plan23.1.2021 17:04

USDZAR Trading Plan

based on charts patterns, and price action strategy, it is clear that by following the move, consistent profits can be made.
good luck to all

this market is funny.22.1.2021 19:43

this market is funny.


usdzar shorts22.1.2021 14:38

usdzar shorts

now we go short..

usd to hell

South African ZAR trend since 201121.1.2021 10:47

South African ZAR trend since 2011

ZAR vs (USD, EUR, GBP) trend since 2011, if the trendline is retested;
USD/ZAR: 14.00
EUR/ZAR: 16.50 -17.00
GBP/ZAR: 18.70 - 19.00

USDZAR Short20.1.2021 09:53


The USDZAR has broken below the diagonal trendline and now seems to be losing the first area of support. This could set in motion another move lower towards the area around 14.70, I would consider a tight stop loss @ 15.05 and a sell order at the current 4H low.

USDZAR20.1.2021 04:18


Looks like the bulls & Bears are at equilibrium for now. Will the support at 14.90 hold or its soon going to be eroded.
My bias is still bearish for now up until we reach 14.75....

Safe sell opportunities will either be below 14.88 or if it retraces will wait for rejection at 15.11
waiting for further confirmations to validate this trade idea

What are your thoughts? ?lets discuss

Pure Price Action20.1.2021 00:38

Pure Price Action

One of my favourite pairs to trade

SELL USDZAR 19/01/202119.1.2021 14:38

SELL USDZAR 19/01/2021

Watch for rejection at the resistance and short it down

Short19.1.2021 06:34


Anticipating the market to go short, a sell stop @15.03196 take profit @13.73574

USDZAR: some rand strength on the horizon?19.1.2021 04:51

USDZAR: some rand strength on the horizon?

A BEARISH bias (rand strength) is applicable below 15.14.
Trade setup probability: -41%. Target: 14.99. Stop-loss: 15.23.
Downside price momentum supports the bearish trend . RSI is at 53 – leaving room for further downside price potential.
Look at the MACD!

USDZAR,H1 18.1.2021 10:37


As i have analysed , i Believe that USDZAR is on an up trend due to the first complite impulse move with a correction which is promising to be a continuation after breaking the support now retesting as a resistance.

USDZAR / analytsis idea //18.1.2021 06:36

USDZAR / analytsis idea //

USDZAR / Forcasting analysis idea??



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